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June 28, 2022
With Privacy Auditing you can keep your data safer

Privacy and security are crucial on your devices. Microsoft is improving permission settings in Windows 11 and testing a feature called Privacy Auditing. You will be able to control your applications and see which apps access messages, locations, and screenshots. You can keep more of your data safe and spot suspicious activity sooner and quicker. […]

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June 21, 2022
Decrease your time on spam emails

Spam emails can be really overwhelming and irritating. You can spend too much time deleting them which causes a decrease in productivity. Some ways to avoid that are: fix your settings to protect you from spam and training your employees to recognize spam emails. Reach out to us if you have questions!

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June 14, 2022
Notification spam will no longer be a hassle

Notification spam is annoying and kills productivity within your business. However, Google is working to stop and block alerts from websites. Once the site is blocked, it won't be able to ask to send notifications anymore. We don't know when this feature will be released so if you need help in the meantime, let us […]

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June 7, 2022
The 3 most common cybersecurity mistakes

There are so many cybersecurity warnings so we broke it down to the three most common mistakes that businesses make. The first is giving employees too many rights and privileges. The harder and more strict it is for an employee, the harder it is for hackers to install malware. Lateral movement is the second most […]

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June 1, 2022
Now you can really focus with 'Do not Disturb' feature

Windows 10 and 11 have a feature called Focus Assist which enhances productivity amongst your team. There will be a new update that will allow you to not be disturbed so no notifications or messages will pop up. They will be ready for you when you are done. Just don't forget to switch it off […]

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June 1, 2022
Tools that can Help you Focus and Stay on Track

As a business owner, you can get pulled in many different directions. People want to constantly talk to you and that can interrupt your own set of tasks that need to get done. How can you get things done if you are always getting interrupted? Well, there are plenty of tools that can help make […]

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