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About Us

Prysm has been serving the Nashville and Middle TN area since 2010, providing IT support such as technical helpdesk support, computer support, and consulting to small and medium-sized businesses. It's always been our goal to provide enterprise-level IT practices and solutions to the small business sector, with small business prices. Our experience has allowed us to build and develop the infrastructure needed to keep our prices affordable and our clients up and running.

Nashville + Middle TN

Located in the heart of the Tennessee Valley and poised to serve more than 40,000 businesses in the region.

Trusted Technology Partner

We foster a partnership between you and your team and offer services that help excel business growth.


Technology constantly changes. We remain nimble and place ourselves at the forefront of the latest advances.


Founded in 2010 — Prysm Corporation began providing business process outsourcing (BPO) to small organizations looking to offload day-to-day business activities. Contracting of initial services included both back office outsourcing and front office outsourcing with an emphasis on payroll and human resources. A commonality between clients was the desire to streamline information technology in the workplace. Collectively business owners shared they wanted to improve the bottom line through implementation of new technologies such as VoIP communication systems and protect their assets by way of effective backup solutions. However, many business leaders felt it was often time consuming and frustrating seeking out the best solution for their needs. As a result, we recognized an opportunity to help and started adding technology offerings to our product portfolio that aimed to improve the businesses we worked with.

Today — we offer a broad range of services to meet the ever-growing needs of businesses. We strive to provide the best service possible with every contact. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your business is operating smoothly and efficiently.

Our Core Values Drive Our Business

Our core values are the set of guiding principles and fundamental beliefs that help us strive in working toward our business goals.
Always being honest and maintaining high moral principles.
Responsibility and dedication in attentiveness and fulfilling our customers requests to the best of our ability.
Helping each other achieve various goals with superior communication, engagement, and collaboration amongst one another.
Continuing to progress and refine our systems to remain agile and applying continual improvement with customers to exceed their expectations.
Being steady and present while we are assisting customers to attain equilibrium between personal, professional, and family life.
Aiming to be as consistent as possible for our customers in every situation to retain our customer's loyalty.
Honoring a customer's time as we value their support. Being perpetually polite, kind, and humble.

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