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About Us

In the heart of Nashville and across Middle TN, Prysm Corporation has been a beacon for businesses since 2010. Merging enterprise-grade IT solutions with the personal touch and affordability tailored for small and medium-sized ventures, we stand as partners in progress. From technical helpdesk support to insightful consulting, we're not just about keeping businesses running; we're about propelling them forward. Dive deeper to discover the journey and values that set us apart.

Heart of Tennessee

Nestled amidst the vibrant pulse of the Tennessee Valley, we proudly stand poised to empower and uplift over 40,000 businesses in our thriving community.

Beyond IT — Your Growth Catalyst

More than just a tech provider, we're your strategic ally. Together, we navigate the digital realm to catalyze your business expansion.

Pioneering Progress

In the dynamic landscape of tech evolution, we're always a step ahead. Adaptable and forward-thinking, we're tuned into tomorrow's innovations today.

Our Story

The Spark | 2010: Prysm Corporation was birthed from a simple observation: businesses, big and small, craved for streamlined technology solutions. We began our journey offering business process outsourcing (BPO) services, taking on the back-office tasks and front-office challenges, from payroll intricacies to human resource hurdles. Yet, as we worked closely with our partners, a pattern emerged. Leaders aspired to harness the transformative powers of tech, especially the magic of VoIP systems and robust backup solutions. However, the maze of options out there was daunting.

The Pivot: Understanding this pain point, we decided to evolve. We didn’t just want to be another service provider; we aimed to be the beacon guiding businesses through the tech fog. Expanding our portfolio, we ventured into offering tailor-made technology solutions that directly impacted and enhanced their bottom line.

Prysm Today: Today, our commitment goes beyond just offering services. We're here to give businesses peace of mind. With an array of services tailored for the modern-day enterprise, our team is fiercely dedicated to ensuring every cog in your business machinery operates seamlessly. We don’t just provide IT and voice solutions; we build partnerships. Every interaction with Prysm Corporation is a step toward a future where your business thrives, unhindered by technology hiccups.

Your growth, our commitment. Welcome to Prysm Corporation.

Meet our Team

Our team is friendly, approachable, and always here to help, making your experience with us as personal and enjoyable as possible.
Lorne Thomas
CEO & President
Jeremy Owens
Chief Technology Officer
Cansin Hardyegritag
IT Support Technician
McKenna Kohler
Administrative & Marketing Coordinator

Our North Star:
Core Values at Prysm Corporation

In the dynamic world of technology, amidst the ever-changing tides, our values serve as our unwavering compass. They're more than just words; they're the essence of our DNA.
We wear our integrity on our sleeves, fostering an environment where honesty isn’t just practiced; it’s expected.
Unyielding Dedication
We’re more than just service providers. We’re allies, committed to bringing the best for our partners every single day.
Greatness isn't achieved in silos. Through collaboration and communication, we lift each other, transforming challenges into milestones.
Frontier Spirit
Technology evolves. So do we. Pioneering innovation, we stay nimble, always pushing boundaries for our partners.
In the rush of bytes and bits, we believe in maintaining equilibrium. Work-life harmony isn’t just a buzzword here; it’s a lifestyle.
Steadfast Reliability
We're not about one-time wonders. Day in, day out, we aim for unwavering consistency, building trust one interaction at a time.
Deep Respect
Every second of our partner's time is invaluable. We honor this with humility, kindness, and an unwavering dedication to excellence.
Divine Purpose
Beyond technology, we're guided by a higher calling to serve and uplift. Each solution embodies a purpose transcending the tangible; it's our mission to create a genuine impact.

Our Purpose & Promise

Every business, whether starting up or scaling up, has aspirations and challenges unique to its journey. At Prysm Corporation, our Purpose & Promise encapsulates our commitment to understanding those aspirations and transforming challenges into opportunities. We don’t just offer services; we partner in your journey towards tangible, meaningful outcomes.


Envisioning a future where every business, no matter its size or location, thrives unhindered, powered by the right tools and support.


At Prysm Corporation, we're in the business of outcomes. We understand that technology is just a means to an end – and that end is your success. From improved communication to enhanced operational efficiencies, we're dedicated to ensuring your business realizes its goals. Whether you're local or afar, we're with you every step of the way, turning challenges into milestones.

Our clients love what we do for them

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